Use Greentek’s 19 channel Cap Solution for EEG Monitoring with reduced application time and increased subject comfort.

EEG Electrode caps are used to assist with electrode placement, making it easier to affixing electrodes to the scalp. The EEG Electrode caps ensure that electrodes are placed precisely and maintain sufficient contact with the scalp.

Greentek’s GT Cap ST with AgCl electrode sensors for EEG Monitoring are made of an elastic spandex-type fabric with recessed, coated Silver Silver Chloride (Ag-AgCl) electrodes attached to the fabric.

This Non-invasive EEG Monitoring Cap holds nineteen embedded electrodes plus GND, REF and A1& A2 eardrops. Electrodes are pre-positioned in the international 10/20 montage, so even novice EEG researchers can minimize electrode placement errors.

A ribbon cable with DB-25 male connector fans out in the cap to connect to each electrode, and a mating adpator cable which has DB-25 female connector in one end, and 23 mating cable Touchproof sockets in the other end, permits the electrode cap to be easily disconnected from the recording amplifiers, allowing the cap to be fitted in one location and used in another.


Product Name GT Cap ST
Place of Origin Wuhan, China
Brand Name Greentek
Channels Standard 16ch, 32ch, 64ch,128;
Custom made acceptable from 5ch to 144ch
Material Coated Ag/AgCl electrodes
Or sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes
Size 34-38cm, 38-42cm, 42-46cm, 46-50cm, 50-54cm, 54-58cm, 58-62cm
Certificate CFDA, ISO 13485, CE, Rohs
Usage Mainly for clinical use
Delivery Within 7-15 days
Packaging Cardboard boxes in a variety of different sizes
Warranty 12 Months
Standard International standard 10-20 electrode placement system



产品名称 医疗脑电图帽GT Cap ST
通道标准 23ch
电极材料: 银/氯化银电极
  • 交流阻抗≤2.5kQ·cm2(@10Hz)
  • 直流失调电压≤30mV
  • 电位漂移≤5mV/10min


产品尺寸 34-38cm、38-42cm、42-46cm、46-50cm、50-54cm、54-58cm、58-62cm
证书 CFDA、ISO 13485、CE、Rohs证书
应用领域 主要用于临床:如神经内科、儿科、脑功能神经重症监护、长程/视频脑电监测、睡眠脑电监测
标准 国际10-20系统点位(19导记录+REF+GND+A1+A2)


格林泰克医疗脑电图帽GT Cap ST按照标准10-20系统将21个银氯化银电极固定在舒适透气的弹性网帽上,用该脑电图帽进行脑电图监测,减少了应用时间,提高了受试者的舒适度。



  • 纯银/氯化银电极,信噪比高
  • 可呼吸网眼弹力布帽,透气服帖
  • 扁平柔软硅胶,柔软舒适
  • 适合~24小时长程脑电监测